Energy Enterprise Analytic Platform (EEAP)

Ease of Integration (EOI)
EEA SOA integration points are designed for ease of integration into the energy market. From demand response, markets or generation flow (GTL), EAA with its over one hundred integration points can...



Energy Enterprise Analytics (EEA)
Energy Enterprise Analytics (EEA) is the very first of its kind.  It is an open source integration platform for the energy industry.  


Energy Solutions  
Government agencies, universities and for-profit organizations can use the EEA platform to help solve their most complex business or real-world problems. Through a combination of industry expertise, EOI...
Solutions and Services

SOA Services
Have a SOA design that needs implementing or the  business requirements that needs a strong SOA team to deliver design? 



Integration Services
In the energy industry, integration is the key to success to participate in the market 
With an already fragmented industry of  RTO's, ...

Application Support Services  
Need support for your MSRS, Load Response or GTL application? Let Felpfe  Inc handle that for you...